Step Back In Time

The Blanton House was originally built by business owner & mercantile Albert Blanton somewhere around 1910-1914. Best known as the “love build” among the family, Mr. Blanton built this impressive stately home for the love of his life Charlotte Walker Blanton. As the love Albert and Charlotte shared for each other, this Greek Revival home is nothing short of breathtaking.

In preparation for the home, Albert Blanton commissioned renowned English-born architect Richard Sharp Smith to help build this impressive home on South, Main Street. Richard Sharp Smith was famously known for being the supervising architect of the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. When it came to the home, Albert Blanton left no stone unturned, no expense spared, and thought out every minuscule detail of the home down to the hardware furnishings, decorations, and lighting that adorned the home. The elegant wood molding, floors, and grand staircase inside the home were imported from England. Interestingly enough, rumor has it the grand staircase in the home was thought to be much the envy among the Blanton's social circle of family and friends. The stately outdoor columns on the front, side, and back of the home were transported from Johnson City, TN on 4 four mule wagons. The home was completed with an in-door vacuum system, and a large fan in the upstairs ceiling to keep the impressive house cool during the warm southern months. For the cool months, almost every room has coal-burning fireplaces for the coldest of winter days.

About The Blanton's

The Blanton family was known for being a very prominent family of the time and involved in North Carolina politics. Alberts Blanton's father William Miller Blanton (1832-1916) was a merchant and elected to State Legislature in 1856. It is thought the property in which this grand home stands was given to Albert by his late father William M. Blanton and his wife Josephine Moore Setzer. Like father, like son, Albert was an intelligent entrepreneur in his own right. Albert founded A Blanton Grocery CO, a wildly successful mercantile and grocery store chain that provided goods to the community and surrounding communities. By the time of his passing, he was known as the "king" of grocery stores for the whole entire state of North Carolina. The building that housed A Blanton Grocery CO in Marion is still present and located on Depot Street. Outside of the family, Albert was highly regarded and respected in the community. He was a founding board member of the very first bank in Marion. In later years, Albert Blanton also was a co-founder of a pharmaceutical herb company. While Albert was a businessman, Charlotte Walker Blanton was known very much for being a leader herself. Charlotte presided over charities and clubs for the betterment of the community and its people. She loved entertaining friends and her husband's business associates at this impressive home. Rumors of lavish balls and parties, with women in long beautiful dresses on the lawn, were talked about among the local people of the time. Charlotte loved her home very much and took great pride in it. She was known to be very particular about the house, and the company whom she entertained. Anybody who stepped foot inside the home was expected to be impeccably dressed, and kids were to be in their "Sunday best" at all times. Albert & Charlotte Blanton lived happily together in the home with their two sons until Albert's unexpected passing in 1917. The home remained in the Blanton family following Albert's death, until Charlotte passed in 1921. Both Albert & Charlotte Blanton died young but built an impressive life together through love, hard work, and determination.

Home After The Blanton Family

As with any home that has withstood the long test of time, the history is rich and the stories are mesmerizing in and of itself. Following Charlotte's death in 1921, the home was sold to businessman W. Lester Morris. He later went on to become the President of Clinchfield Manufacturing. Sometime after the passing of W. Lester Morris, the house later went on to become home to people from different walks of life. The rooms inside the home were rented out for living purposes. There are still stories among certain community people today of them knowing certain people who at one time lived in the home. In the late 1970s, the home was purchased and used for business only. It featured a photography studio in the bottom part of the home, with a bridal and prom shop in the top part of the home. In 2001, Tax2000 (an accounting firm) purchased the home and spent twenty-one years operating inside the home. Currently today, the home is still owned by the owner and family members of the accounting firm.

Blanton House

In recent years, the home has undergone major and extensive renovations to bring it back to its original state and glory. The owners of the property are passionate about its deep history, and the family who laid the first stone. Since both Albert and Charlotte Blanton died young, and spent most of their short-lived life striving for the betterment of the community and others, it was only fitting to carry on their legacy by naming the home after them. Today, the home houses the Blanton House Restaurant & Venue. Guests who visit will get to travel back in time and experience this stately home with fine dining and events. The home boasts seven elegant dining rooms, balcony seating, intimate private balcony seating (by special request only), and courtyard seating. Since this house was built for love, the back part of the property is currently being renovated for a full-scale venue; and will house a separate structure for large community events and weddings in the soon coming future.